Make PC-Compatible ZIP Files on a Mac

Working with compressed file formats can be a real pain, especially when trying to use them across both Macs and PCs. Files with the .ZIP file extension are compressed archive files that are very common on the PC. Unfortunately, ZIP files that are created on the Mac contain a lot of Mac-specific metadata that when […]

1 Comment 3.0 – Even Better, Still Free

There has been a major new release of’s fantastic and free office suite and it’s name is a boring version number, 3.0. Thankfully, the software is much more inspiring than the name. We love the software here at and use it on all of our machines. For those of you who may not […]

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One-A-Day Free or Cheap Stuff

As we surf around the Net, we discover lots of stuff for free. Now, some of it may not be to our liking, or not our idea of even useful. However, there are a few sites we catch ourselves going back to time and again. Some of these sites feature one free software title each […]

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