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overheard.jpgLike a lot of people, I like to occasionally change how my computer looks. The easiest way to do this is to change the desktop wallpaper. I have something of an eccentric taste when it comes to what I like on my desktop. It probably has something to do with being raised by parents that loved Calvin & Hobbes and Far Side cartoons.

Anyway, enough about me. I stumbled across this great site that has tons of free wallpapers in a variety of sizes and resolutions. It is called and is full of unique and funny desktop wallpapers featuring artwork by an artist named Pete Joison. In addition, they offer free icon sets which utilize a lot of the great artwork. toast.jpgThese can be used to replace your boring My Computer and Network Neighborhood icons, among others. They have icons for both Windows and Mac users which is even better. If you really like the artwork that you see, you can order posters and calendars and other items from the site’s store. Be sure to check it out, especially if you have kids as they will love the juice drinking toaster, I know mine did.

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