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  1. Dave Dugan Says:

    At our congregation we are thinking of adding the capability of recording in MP3 and also possible using a digital camera to record the sermons and the copy them to DVD’s. What software [we have office 2007 and a good computer] and equipment would we require to do this from your experience?

  2. Richard Cravy Says:

    I certainly apologize for a long delay in responding to your request. If you have not already resolved your need, here are my thoughts.

    We use the small Olympus WS (100, 311, 320) series of digital recorders along with the Olympus ME-15 microphones for all of our recording at the Sunset International Bible Institute. I also use this setup at our church (see http://www.tanglewoodcofc.org). These recorders allow us to record in WMA format (in HQ mono) which we download to computer, edit, and then save as MP3 to post on our website, or use CD burning software to make CDs. You can search for the Olympus stuff on Amazon.com

    For video, we use a small Panasonic 3CCD camcorder for excellent quality. Our model is the SDR-H200 ($650) which saves straight to its built-in harddrive in MPEG2 format. We simply hook the camera up to a computer and transfer the video in minutes over a cable. We use the Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 software ($70) to edit, make menus and burn the DVD master.

    I would be happy to answer more questions if you have them. I can be reached through the school at 800-687-2121; ask for Richard Cravy.

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