The Freesound Project

As a video and audio editor, there are many times where it would be great to have just the right sound to fill in that awkward silence or to make just that right impression for a client. The Freesound Project is an online database of free user-submitted sound files in a variety of formats. I […]

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Microsoft Windows 7: First Impressions

That’s right! Microsoft has a replacement for its much maligned Windows Vista. The retail version of Windows 7, as it is presently called, is not yet available. But indications are that it will be officially released in the October 2009 time frame. In preparation for its release, Microsoft has been making “Beta” (unfinished) versions available. […]

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Use FormatFactory to Convert Your Media

There are a ton of media converters out there. Some are good and many are not so good. We’ve covered excellent audio converters Switch and Max on this site before. However, there are other types of media out there that need converting and FormatFactory is a great tool for converting your audio, video and photos from […]

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College Courses without the Tuition… or Degree

This is not about software or hardware. Maybe we should just call it Knowledgeware. For several years I have been watching with interest the emerging effort by many educational institutions, large and small, to provide free access to some or all of their courses. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was possibly the first of the […]

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Relocating Our Worldwide Headquarters!

We have been slow about posting to this website recently as we have been fully involved in relocating our offices to new, larger facilities. For the past two years we have operated out of makeshift, borrowed offices. We outgrew them (and perhaps our welcome) some time ago. As of September 1, 2008, we are officially […]


The “Problem” with Linux

I totally agree with Aaron in his recent posts about Ubuntu 8.04 and how polished and useable it is. But I have been thinking about the roadblocks and hurdles which this operating system still must overcome. First, of course, we acknowledge the positives: FREE! Most versions of Linux are free anyone to download and use. […]

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Cheap Magazine Subscriptions on eBay

Although I am largely a digital guy living in a digital world, I still love some analog things. Among these are magazines. I enjoy going to my local Barnes & Noble and searching through the magazine racks for anything that catches my eye. My interests are pretty wide ranging, from cars to comics, technology to […]

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Download YouTube Videos, Update

Back in May, 2007 we wrote a series of articles on downloading video from various websites like YouTube. For downloading YouTube videos we recommended That website is no longer active (I suspect YouTube’s lawyers sent out a “cease and desist letter” because of their name). The site to try now is which is […]

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D.I.Y. Daily Planner

It’s that time of year again. Office supply stores and bookstores are full of calenders and planners for those needing to keep track of their lives during 2008. I have been part of that parade for years. We all recognize the popular brands – FranklinCovey, Daytimer, At A Glance, Filofax, and more. Recently more and […]

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Inkjet Printers: You’re Mileage May Vary

For some time I have wanted to write a post about the cartridges in inkjet printers. It is no secret that most of a printer manufacturer’s profits come from the sale of the “consumables” such as ink and paper. Printers themselves are usually sold very close to cost to retailers. To see how much profit, […]

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An Essential Non-Computer Item: Goo Gone!

Goo Gone? What is that? Have you ever tried to remove a sticky label or its remains from a computer case, laptop cover or any other surface? I discovered years ago that Goo Gone does this job quickly and easily. Goo Gone is a citrus oil based liquid that is applied directly to the label […]

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Help in Removing Spyware & Trojan Horses

It happened this weekend. I visited a website for the first time and clicked on a link. Suddenly a window pops up saying I have viruses on my computer which I can remove by clicking on the OK button. However, this is not a notice from my AVG anti-virus program, but something coming from this […]


The “Blue Screen of Death” in Windows

Microsoft Windows users have all encountered the “Blue Screen of Death” from time to time. Usually, restarting the computer eliminates the problem. However, there are times when there is actually a software or hardware problem which will cause the problem to keep repeating until the cause is taken care of. While this article is not […]

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Capture Internet Streaming Video, Part #2

YouTube! For those who are addicted to watching the amateur videos posted on, saving copies onto their own computers would be a welcome thing. Here’s how.First, for the uninitiated, a little background. It’s estimated that an average of 65,000 new video clips are uploaded to YouTube each day. Over 1,000,000 clips are viewed daily.

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