Playing with a MSI Wind Netbook

The extra-small notebooks often referred to as “netbooks” are all the rage right now. After waiting patiently for anyone I knew to buy one with no luck, I finally surrendered to temptation and bought one myself. I chose the MSI Wind U100-432us because I found one at a good price and I liked its features. […]


Improving the Mac Laptop Touchpad

No doubt about it, I really enjoy my Apple Macbook. Previously I owned an Apple G4 Powerbook 15″ which was also a great machine. However, my single biggest complaint about both laptops was the touchpad, that little square that substitutes for a mouse. Having used both mice (mouses?) and touchpads on Windows-based laptops, I have […]

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The XO Computer: Using It

A search of Google reveals that many have an opinion about the XO. Unfortunately most of those with opinions seems to offer no alternative solution to bringing computers into the educational environment of Third World nations. My favorite positive commentary on the XO’s role is found on, entitled, “The XO Laptop: Its the Software, […]


Hands On with the “One Laptop Per Child” XO Computer

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project was first publicly announced in 2005. Its stated goal was to create a laptop style computer designed specifically for use by school children in the Third World. It was often labeled the “$100 Laptop” because of the proposal by one of the chief architects of the project, Nicholas […]

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Podcasts: Some of Richard’s Favorites

Every weekend, I travel to another city for church ministry. I have 2.5+ hours each way of driving. I usually listen to some of my favorite podcasts. Since my two vocations and passions are church ministry and computer technology, naturally those are the podcasts I seek out. Here are a few of my current favorites:

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ReplayTV – Still an Alternative to TIVO

ReplayTV was a digital video recording (DVR) box attached between your antenna/cable box/satellite and your television for recording and playing back TV programming. Today most folks either use the TiVO DVR, or else the DVR that is supplied by their satellite or cable company. All work essentially the same way. Instead of tape (ala VCRs) […]


Favorite Magazine Review #1: MacFormat

I have a few publications involving computers and technology that I just can’t seem to do without. Hopefully this is the first of a series of articles/reviews to those magazines I really like. Hopefully my fellow contributors will pitch in with articles as well. Either first or second on my list is MacFormat, covering the […]

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Review – Mozilla Firefox 2.0

When it comes to browsing the Internet, we have all kinds of choices as to what software to use. There is the ubiquitous Microsoft Internet Explorer for those on Windows PCs, Apple Safari for those on the Mac, Opera and many others. Then there is Mozilla’s Firefox, which is available in Windows, Mac and Linux […]

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