Podcasts We Like…CommandN

Podcasts, oh how I love thee. I surely don’t know how I made it through my work day without you. Continuing our look at podcasts that we like for their educational and entertainment value, we are looking at CommandN. CommandN is another technology focused video podcast that features hosts Amber MacArthur, Will Pate and Jeff […]


Podcasts We Like – Loaded from CNET

Plain and simple, I like podcasts. I subscribe to about 55 of them on my 1st-generation Microsoft Zune 30 (yes, I am one of the 32 people out there with a Zune) and listen to them constantly throughout my work day. I use them as a source of entertainment and education. I will be showcasing […]


Podcasts: Some of Richard’s Favorites

Every weekend, I travel to another city for church ministry. I have 2.5+ hours each way of driving. I usually listen to some of my favorite podcasts. Since my two vocations and passions are church ministry and computer technology, naturally those are the podcasts I seek out. Here are a few of my current favorites:

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