Free Tech Support for Inkjet Printers

printproblem02.jpgIt has happened to us all. One day our color inkjet printer “prints” blank pages, text with white lines through the characters, exhibits other weird behavior not experienced just the day before, or may just not come on when we press the ON button. If it is still under warranty, the manufacturer’s Technical Support hotline is there to (hopefully) help. But, if it is beyond the warranty or you can’t afford to wait while the printer is shipped off to the manufacturer for repair/replacement, what then?

We have usually been able to find help on the internet in one or more of the following ways:

  • Go to the support area of the manufacturer’s website. Find your printer and look for FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), common problems, or troubleshooting tips for a possible match to your problem.
  • Failing that, see if the manufacturer supports an online Forum area where users like you can ask questions and receive help from other users or even some of the manufacturer’s tech guys.printproblem01.jpg
  • Look for help from free online independent support sites. Three we have used with good success are these:
    • – forums with help for many models and brands; also offers inexpensive repair kits for some common problems like stopped up Epson and Canon printheads.
    • – covers only Epson and Canon inkjet printers and does not seem to have been updated since early 2006. Still good for older models.
    • – free technical help for electronic equipment (printers, computers, monitors, game consoles, flat screen TVs) and other consumer gadgets.
  • Use Google to search for your problem. Be concise but specific. Bad example: “Epson printer won’t print.” Good example: “Epson CX3810 prints blank pages.”

Hopefully, you will either be able to resolve your problem or determine that it is not worth it to pursue a repair.

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