D.I.Y. Daily Planner

Blackberry8700C.jpgIt’s that time of year again. Office supply stores and bookstores are full of calenders and planners for those needing to keep track of their lives during 2008. I have been part of that parade for years. We all recognize the popular brands – FranklinCovey, Daytimer, At A Glance, Filofax, and more.iPhone_calendar.jpg

Recently more and more folks have turned to electronic assistance in this endeavor – online calendaring applications (like our article on Google Calendar), Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs, Treos, Blackberrys, iPhones, etc. Whole industries have arisen to produce the hardware and/or software.

Some users and their businesses live and die by the paper or electronic planners they use (doctors, sales representatives, etc.). Others, like me, just need help with an increasingly faulty memory. And it seems that every year I am trying a different one. Now comes a refreshing new idea – just make my own!

Plannerhack.jpgNow this is not an original idea of mine; I have very few of those. I ran across it on the Lifehacker website. That’s where I discovered PlannerHack.com written by Mike Rohde. What a marvelous idea – simply buy a small blank notebook and create just what you need and would use – simple, elegant, tactile, very retro, and no batteries needed. PlannerHack details how one guy designed his own unique planner by hand, i.e. drawing the lines, boxes and text on blank notebook pages.

A similar idea is found at DIYplanner.com where users can choose and print out the pages they want in a planner. DIY Planner a community based project (many volunteersDIYplanner_monkeys.jpg working together) with free, downloadable and printable planner pages in numerous sizes and for numerous purposes. I am amazed that the devotion of these folks but I certainly appreciate having access to their wisdom and printable forms.

Moleskine.jpgSo. . . New Year’s Resolution (made on or about November 17, 2007!) – for 2008 I will try making and using my own paper planner. What about you?

Here is what I use a planner for – noting 2 or 3 important appointments each week, record car mileage which is tax deductible, write down ideas that come to me at odd moments, scribble down a name or website or model number I need to have with me or remember later, and have a temporary place to stick business cards and receipts. So, I have purchased my Moleskine notebook ($12.95), though I also considered a similar notebook by Paper Blanks, got a veryUniballSignoRTpen.jpg fine point ballpoint pen (Uniball Signo RT Gel .38 – 4 for $5.99), and have begun planning my hand drawn layouts. The Moleskine and Paper Blanks notebooks both have 3.5″ x 5.5″ pages with handy storage pockets and durable covers. Both are available at Barnes and Noble and Borders bookstores, and Amazon.

Maybe I’ll keep you posted with updates, if I happen to put it on my calendar!

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