Links Roundup – 10/16/09

It has been awhile since we have posted our favorite links from around the Internet so here are three links that we just couldn’t help sharing.

5 Best and Free Online Image Editing Tools

This is a nice roundup of image editing tools that are web-based and run from within your browser. These tools can do everything from resizing images to adding special effects, all free of charge and with no downloads. My favorites of these five are Adobe Photoshop Express and Sumo Paint.

15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design ? Smashing Magazine

As someone who has dabbled in e-Commerce site design, this article really hit home. Well worth checking out.

30 Free System Tools for a Better Mac

We occasionally get a little too caught up in shiny new apps for the Mac and fail to pay attention to the all-important Mac utilities that keep our Macs running smooth. This is great list, and they are all free.

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