Can’t Get That Song Out of Your Head?

If you are like me, something will happen during my day and I am reminded of ?that? song. You know the one. The one that get?s stuck in your head and you just can?t get it out and the only cure to get rid of it is to hear it but you don?t have it on your iPod?. This happens to me quite often and I am usually stuck since what I most like to listen to is either pop music from the 80?s or early 90?s alternative. These are not what you most commonly find on local FM radio. It was while on a quest to find a particular song by 80?s pop group, Haircut 100, that I discovered Grooveshark.

GroovesharkSearch Grooveshark is a music streaming site that allows you to search its database of millions of songs for ?that? song. Upon navigating to the site, you are greeted by a Search box and here is where you can enter the song title or artist that you are interested in. Results come back almost instantly and with one more mouse click, you can be listening to the song that has been running non-stop in your head since you saw that commercial on TV. The site allows you to setup a music queue of tracks that you want to hear along with showing you what others are listening too who also like your song. There are tons of other features so go check it out and clear your head.


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