40 Excellent Free Handwritten Fonts

HandwritingFonts.jpgWe are always on the lookout for really nice looking fonts, especially those that are free. Whether for print or web design, you can never have too many fonts. Well, perhaps 2,348 different fonts maybe a little much but I digress. The other day, I stumbled across this post on Hongkiat.com and was stunned by how great these fonts looked. I quickly downloaded a few to my Mac and even used one on my redesign of Mumbo Jumbo Online, the site for my business. Most, if not all, of these fonts have versions for both PC and Mac users and they are all completely free. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “40 Excellent Free Handwritten Fonts”

  1. Guy Stover Says:

    hey Aaron,
    thanks for posting all the stuff you find. I am always using something you have put on here.

  2. Aaron Cravy Says:

    You are most welcome Guy. I come across so many useful things but there are some, that I just have to pass on.

  3. Ganhar Dinheiro Says:

    Excellent tip! I was just looking for this fonts! Thanks!