What The Font?

As fellas that have spent years dabbling in graphic design, both in print and on the web, we often run across fonts that we just don’t recognize. We may be asked to replicate a logo design or we may just really like how a certain font looks that we saw in a magazine. Rather than scrolling through our fonts folder which is loaded with thousands of fonts, we instead turn to WhattheFont.com. This is a free online service that will let you upload an image that it will analyze and give you some possible font matches. You may not use this service on a daily basis, but when you need it, this site will save you tons of time. Here’s how it works:

After navigating to whatthefont.com, you can then browse on your computer or on the web for the graphic file that you want analyzed. In the pictured example, we needed to identify the font used in the Coaches Outreach logo for a design project. Once selected, hit the Continue button and the image will be uploaded and analyzed. The site looks at the image and attempts to identify individual letters that are distinctive. You are able to correct the identifications if they are inaccurate. Once all is set, you then hit the Continue button again. Whatthefont.com then will provide the user with the font matches that it has found. In our example, the service identified our unknown font as ITC Machine. This saved us quite a bit of time and effort and helped us to find the exact font that we needed for our design project.


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