Make PC-Compatible ZIP Files on a Mac

YemuZip.jpgWorking with compressed file formats can be a real pain, especially when trying to use them across both Macs and PCs. Files with the .ZIP file extension are compressed archive files that are very common on the PC. Unfortunately, ZIP files that are created on the Mac contain a lot of Mac-specific metadata that when opened on a PC, look like a bunch of garbage data. To defeat this, I have found a little, free program called YemuZip. It is a very simplistic program to use. You simply drag the files or folders that you want to compress onto the program workspace and it goes to work creating the file. Once you drop the files, you are prompted for a new file name and location and whether to make the ZIP file PC compatible or Mac specific. Hit OK and you are done. Check it out here.

One Response to “Make PC-Compatible ZIP Files on a Mac”

  1. Robert Walak Says:

    Didn’t work for me, I tried to zip a 6.95 G file and only got a 4 k zip file