Match that color with Pixie


Working both with websites and with print publications, I often need to match a previously used color precisely. Say, for example, I open a brochure file created 6 months ago. The previous graphic designer (or me) used a graphic created in Photoshop or Illustrator. The graphic has a color in it we would like to match with a new headline or box or whatever, but no records were made of the color and the original graphic is not available.

Welcome to Pixie by Nattyware, a free “color picker” which opens up a small window over whatever you’re working in. As your mouse pointer moves over items on screen, the Pixie window displays the CMYK, RGB, HEX, and HTML color values. This makes it easy in most desktop publishing, photo, illustration, and web design software to then use the appropriate value to create your color. As a bonus, the exact pixel location where your mouse is onscreen is also displayed.

Minimize the Pixie window and it drops down into your system tray awaiting your command. Probably there are other products out there doing the same thing, but Pixie does just what I need. A similar free utility is included on Macintosh computers called Color Picker and is located in the Applications – Utilities folder. Enjoy.

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