Podcasts We Like…CommandN

commandnlogo.jpgPodcasts, oh how I love thee. I surely don’t know how I made it through my work day without you. Continuing our look at podcasts that we like for their educational and entertainment value, we are looking at CommandN. CommandN is another technology focused video podcast that features hosts Amber MacArthur, Will Pate and Jeff MacArthur with occasional guest hosts. The show is filmed and produced in Canada and is released on a more or less weekly basis.


CommandN discusses the latest tech news, especially news related to Internet media, the latest gadgets and new product launches. Other sections of the show that I enjoy are the website picks, and occasional interviews and on-location sections. Amber’s brother Jeff typically hosts the tutorials and tip segments and those are almost always useful to me. Amber Mac also appears on another one of my favorite audio podcasts, Net@Night with Leo Laporte and I thoroughly enjoy hearing her perspectives of technology. Her emphasis seems to be on new media and helping companies and individuals adapt to the changing demands of the Internet age. She is the driving force behind CommandN and along with Jeff and cohost Will, dispense their content with humor and personality. Be sure to check them out.

2 Responses to “Podcasts We Like…CommandN”

  1. Chris Dick Says:

    Thanks for the nice words, it always helps to know that people still like us out there :)
    Thanks for watching!


  2. Aaron Cravy Says:

    You are most welcome Chris. You guys do a great job and I enjoy watching your handiwork.