Podcasts We Like – Loaded from CNET

Plain and simple, I like podcasts. I subscribe to about 55 of them on my 1st-generation Microsoft Zune 30 (yes, I am one of the 32 people out there with a Zune) and listen to them constantly throughout my work day. I use them as a source of entertainment and education. I will be showcasing a number of my latest favorites over the next few posts and maybe you will learn about some new podcasts to add to your collection.


CNET is a great site for technology lovers, like me. They feature a ton of written, audio and video content, including reviews, news and editorial content. They also have a variety of podcasts that are produced regularly. One such podcast that I listen to daily is Loaded. This is a tech news video podcast hosted by Natali del Conte. The show is produced and released Monday – Thursday mornings and is a quick rundown of the big (and sometimes small) stories in tech. The host is responsible for the content on the show so her personality and interests are reflected in the show which makes it more interesting than just a boring rundown of the news. Shows rarely run longer than seven or eight minutes which makes it a good choice to get your tech news quickly.

2 Responses to “Podcasts We Like – Loaded from CNET”

  1. Natali Del Conte Says:

    Wow, thank you for the nice write up. If you have suggestions or coverage requests, be sure to send them along to loaded@cnet.com. Thanks for watching!

  2. Aaron Cravy Says:

    You are most welcome Natali and we are honored by your visit and comment. I have followed you from your days with Textra and appreciate your unique perspective on technology and its impact on people.