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dropio_logo_1.gifWe recently returned from a family reunion – perhaps the first in our family in half a century. Several of us took lots of photos of family we had not seen in a long time, if ever. Now it was time to “trade” pictures. In the old days, everybody would spend a fortune getting prints made at the local photo-developing spot.

Today, we have many more options — options that are much cheaper. The one I chose to make our photos available to other members of the Cravy clan was Mine and Aaron’s collection totalled about 90 megabytes. I compressed them into a zip file, then went to where I created a folder then uploaded the zipped file. There was no registration, no cryptic “” link to send to family members, and a password only if I wanted it.

If you have any file(s) totalling up to 100 megs in size you need to make available to others, check out I cannot imagine how this could be done any easier!

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