The Best Free Software on One Disc – The Open Disc

OpenDisc.jpgBeing huge advocates of free and open source software, we like to find new ways to share this great software with others. One way to do that is to hand them a CD-ROM that is full of some of the top software packages around, all of which are free. Previously mentioned Software for Starving Students is no longer around but the Open Disc project is still going strong.

This project is focused on providing free software to meet just about any of your computer needs. The current version was released in July and features 25 software packages for Windows XP and above, including (office suite), Scribus (desktop publishing), Inkscape (vector graphics), Firefox (web browser) and Celestia (3D space simulation). Click here to see the complete list. The project provides CD-ROM disc images that you can download and burn to CD, completely free of charge.

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