EveryStockPhoto.com – A Free Image Resource

As a graphic design guy who dabbles in both print and web design, I am always looking for resources for quality, unique images, especially ones that are free. In my recent Internet travels, I have encountered a number of great sites that offer royalty-free images. I want to highlight my very favorite site that licenses images under the Creative Commons license.


EveryStockPhoto.JPGEveryStockPhoto.com is a tremendous resource for unique, free images. It is a site that I go to first when looking for an image. It works in a similar fashion to iStockPhoto.com which is a popular pay site for images. They index over a million images from various photo services, including stock.xchng and Flickr.

To use the site, you simply type in your search terms and the site returns results matching your query in a lightning fast manner. The results are given to you in thumbnial images that you can click to be taken to a larger version of the photo. Some of the photo services that are linked require a free registration, but trust me, it is worth the few seconds it takes to register.

A number of the header images for this very site came from EveryStockPhoto.com and the site provides plenty of inspiration for all types of design projects. I am sure that it will do the same for you.

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