Best. Linux Distro. Ever? Ubuntu Studio 8.04

ubuntuscreen_1.jpgWe’ve covered Linux a little bit here before. We love to use Linux because it is free, open source, fast, stable and did I mention, free? In fact, I’ve covered Ubuntu Studio before here on this very site. I loved that earlier iteration (7.10) but I love the newest one even more. This version, based on Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, is by far, the fastest, most beautiful Linux distribution that I have used. I have recently used PCLinuxOS, the brand new OpenSuse 11.0 and the latest Linux Mint and none can match this distro in my opinion. They are all very nice and did a lot of things very well. However, Ubuntu Studio recognized my hardware better, it was easier to taylor to my needs and it is just plain beautiful and fun to use. In fact, I am writing this post while using Ubuntu Studio, including creating the graphic that is accompanying it.

This very well could be the year that the Linux desktop finally takes hold in the marketplace. The only limitation now is the software that runs on Linux needs to continue to grow at the same pace as the operating system has. I’m not going to do a full writeup in this post as this is meant to be just an opening post in a series.

3 Responses to “Best. Linux Distro. Ever? Ubuntu Studio 8.04”

  1. Boycott Novell » Links 29/06/2008: Adopts AGPL; Blizzard Experiments with GNU/Linux Says:

    [...] Best. Linux Distro. Ever? Ubuntu Studio 8.04 [...]

  2. Vexorian Says:

    I think it is impossible for any distro to be the best distro ever. My favorite is also Hardy Heron, but I think that there is a distro for every taste, I can understand why so many people would like Mint or PCLinuxOS, I also think I might end up hooked to debian since I am seeing it work at my college’s library computers. Not to forget Slackware, Arch, Puppy. There are many people out there for which these distros are made for and they love them. And it is great when you compare this to “windows vista home vs. windows home premium”

  3. Aaron Cravy Says:

    I certainly agree that one of the advantages of Linux is that there are so many different varieties to choose from. Ubuntu Studio may not be the best distro for everyone, but it is the best one that I have found, for me and my needs. Thanks for the comment.