Amazon Kindle – From Joy to Sadness…and Back Again

Kindle01.jpgAs promised, here is my first writeup on the newly arrived Amazon Kindle wireless reading device. Well, it was going to be a writeup about its performance, functionality, etc. Unfortunately, less than a week after it arrived, it went kaput.

I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my Kindle. I had done exhaustive research on the device and finally took the leap when Amazon had some in stock. I mostly wanted one because of the ability to adjust font sizes on the fly. As someone who is visually impaired, I have not been able to read a standard paperback without some sort of assistive device in years. I am an avid reader and I really miss just picking up a book and reading it, no magnifiers, no CCTV devices, just with my eyes. When it arrived, I tore into the box and was very happy with the screen and font settings. I will get into the features and functionality in a later post but now onto the “sadness” part of the post.

Broke.jpgSunday morning, I started up the Kindle to be sure that the Bible that I downloaded was on there for church . . . and the screen went wonky! All I could see was black horizontal lines. Powering down did not remove the lines. I reset the device via the pinhole on the back, no joy. I took the battery out and the lines still remained. Then I knew it was serious. No power at all to the device and yet the screen would not refresh could not be a good sign. It was kaput and I was sad. Such is the risk of being a gadget freak. When you love new gadgety things, you have to be prepared for them to sometimes not work just as they should.

Thankfully, despite the frustration of the Kindle failing, the customer service was tremendous.
I went to the customer support website and found where I could contact Amazon. One of the options was to contact by phone so I clicked on that one, being too impatient to wait for an e-mail response. Strangely enough, it had me enter my phone number and when I wanted them to call me back. I selected “Right Now” and hit submit and literally instantaneously, my phone rang – on a Sunday afternoon no less. I answered and was patched through to a representative after a very short hold time. They listened to my issue and basically said that it was obviously a defective device and would ship me out a new one. They did not even require me to send mine back first. They sent me an RMA and a new Kindle via Next Day Air. It arrived on Tuesday and all is good so far.

So, kudos to Amazon for the great service. You know it is good service, when you have a device fail and yet you still have a good feeling about it all. Look for an unboxing of the newly arrived Kindle (take 2) and some writeups on the features, especially how it works for me.

3 Responses to “Amazon Kindle – From Joy to Sadness…and Back Again”

  1. Kindle 2 Lover Says:

    I am always searching for online resources that can help me. Thank you!

  2. Sarah Says:

    I had the exact same problem. I felt confident, because I had actaully read this very review before buying my device. HOWEVER- when I reported the problem, Amazon informed me that the problem was not under warranty, since the black lines meant that I had mis-treated/dropped the device. They offered to replace it for an additional $180. Some customer service! My advice? WAIT and get a less fragile device. I had mine less than a month and it was kaput. I am hesitant to replace what appears to be a problematic (and VERY expensive) device.

  3. Aaron Cravy Says:

    Wow, that seems unfair that they stated that it was not under warranty after only a month of ownership. It seems that they should have handled your situation in the same manner that they handled mine and replaced it without charge.