Playing with a MSI Wind Netbook

The extra-small notebooks often referred to as “netbooks” are all the rage right now. After waiting patiently for anyone I knew to buy one with no luck, I finally surrendered to temptation and bought one myself. I chose the MSI Wind U100-432us because I found one at a good price and I liked its features. […]


Using a Flash Drive in Windows 98

Just this week, I found it necessary to try and plug a flash drive into two older laptops running Windows 98 in order to transfer some information. One laptop had a USB port, the other did not. Now, here are the challenges: (1) Get a USB port in the laptop without one (2) Windows 98 […]

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Keep Windows Running Smoothly with Glary Utilities

Just like with your car, your computer needs regular maintenance. While you can’t change the oil on a Windows PC, you can utilize software to tidy things up a bit and, in general, help Windows perform better. We recommend that you run updated anti-virus and anti-malware software in order to keep your PC free of […]

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