Use FormatFactory to Convert Your Media

There are a ton of media converters out there. Some are good and many are not so good. We’ve covered excellent audio converters Switch and Max on this site before. However, there are other types of media out there that need converting and FormatFactory is a great tool for converting your audio, video and photos from […]

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College Courses without the Tuition… or Degree

This is not about software or hardware. Maybe we should just call it Knowledgeware. For several years I have been watching with interest the emerging effort by many educational institutions, large and small, to provide free access to some or all of their courses. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was possibly the first of the […]

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There has been a major new release of’s fantastic and free office suite and it’s name is a boring version number, 3.0. Thankfully, the software is much more inspiring than the name. We love the software here at and use it on all of our machines. For those of you who may not […]

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Sites We Like – HowStuffWorks

I am a naturally inquisitive person. I guess I learned that from my parents, who are both avid readers and learners. I find myself asking a lot of questions about all manner of randomness. I recently came across a site that aims to answer just those types of questions. The site is simply called, How […]

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Pandora – Internet Radio Your Way

Internet radio has been around awhile and we have seen it grow to include a wide variety of options. You can listen to your favorite terrestrial stations online as many offer their programming live over the Internet. You can listen to a huge number of radio stations that only exist on the Internet and do […]