Watch Your Favorite TV Shows on Hulu

The signs are there. Traditional, sit on the couch with the remote, TV is no longer the only way to watch your favorite TV shows. As I write this, my wife is watching the soap opera that she missed earlier today, on her laptop. Internet video is finally starting to hit the big time due […]

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Send Large Files with

We recently returned from a family reunion – perhaps the first in our family in half a century. Several of us took lots of photos of family we had not seen in a long time, if ever. Now it was time to “trade” pictures. In the old days, everybody would spend a fortune getting prints […]

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News/Links Roundup – 8/20/08

Some cool and interesting blog posts that I’ve encountered around the Internet. “Touch Sight” Camera – Fascinating technology to help those with visual impairments enjoy and benefit from a camera. I’m not a big Simpson’s fan, but Springfield Punx is just an awesome site. I particularly like the “Simpsonized” Wonder Woman, Batman and Doc Brown […]

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Fantastic Free Photos –

As a wanna-be designer, I often have a need for that perfect photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have a budget that would allow for buying stock photography. That is why sites like are so important to my work flow.They have a library of a few thousand photos from their in-house photographers along with thousands of […]

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The Best Free Software on One Disc – The Open Disc

Being huge advocates of free and open source software, we like to find new ways to share this great software with others. One way to do that is to hand them a CD-ROM that is full of some of the top software packages around, all of which are free. Previously mentioned Software for Starving Students […]

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News & Links Roundup – 8/5/08

Some interesting stories that I came across in my journeys around the Internet today. The Original Acme Illustrated Catalog – If you grew up watching Looney Tunes cartoons, then you will recognize many of the ACME products in this catalog. Everything from Anvils to X-Rays and many things in between. (Our image of Wile Coyote […]

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