Free e-Books From Baen Books

I am on record as being in love with my Amazon Kindle. This love was reaffirmed as I recently went on a 1,200 mile road trip with the family and read a book and a half on it. Amazon makes it amazingly easy to purchase books and have them sent wirelessly to the device. However, […]

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Improving the Mac Laptop Touchpad

No doubt about it, I really enjoy my Apple Macbook. Previously I owned an Apple G4 Powerbook 15″ which was also a great machine. However, my single biggest complaint about both laptops was the touchpad, that little square that substitutes for a mouse. Having used both mice (mouses?) and touchpads on Windows-based laptops, I have […]

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Buying a New Video Projector

How the video projector market has changed. Just 8 years ago I purchased a new Viewsonic projector (900 lumens / 800 x 600) for $3,100. Five years ago I replaced it with a Panasonic (1600 lumens / 1024 x 768 / smaller and lighter) purchased off eBay for $1,000; it was one year old. In […]

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Google Pack – Free Software Is Not Evil

Google seems to have its fingers in just about everything these days. The kings of search have been offering free software for download for sometime under the moniker, Google Pack. This is software specifically selected by Google which they state will always be free and includes only full versions of the software included. Google Pack […]

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AVG Free 8 – Now With Anti-Spyware

We previously highlighted AVG Antivirus when it was in version 7. We really liked it then for its performance, regular updates and for the fact that it was free. It has continued to improve and has now been released in version 8. This version is now officially Vista and XP compatible and has added anti-spyware […]


Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers by Mike Swanson

We love beautiful desktop wallpapers, just like many of you. I recently came across a post on a great site called that highlighted absolutely gorgeous free wallpapers by Mike Swanson. Several of these images are used by Microsoft Vista as some of their available backgrounds and they are great. They feature nature shots taken […]

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Convert & Download YouTube Videos with Mux

As a fella who uses the Internet a lot, I occasionally come across embedded videos that I really like and would like to download to look at later. Sites such as YouTube have revolutionized video in general and there are a number of ways to get these videos onto your PC. However, none is as […]

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Putting a PDF on the Kindle

I am loving my new Amazon Kindle. Because of the massive amount of research that I did ahead of time, I had a good idea of what to expect. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by just how happy I am with it. On a recent trip, I read an entire book from cover to […]