Apple Tip – Quick Zoom

Here is a quick tip on a rarely noticed Mac OS X feature. OS X by default supports magnification simply by using your keyboard and mouse. To quickly zoom in on something, hold down the “control” key and rotate your wheel on the mouse. This will quickly zoom in on wherever your mouse pointer is […]

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Cheap Magazine Subscriptions on eBay

Although I am largely a digital guy living in a digital world, I still love some analog things. Among these are magazines. I enjoy going to my local Barnes & Noble and searching through the magazine racks for anything that catches my eye. My interests are pretty wide ranging, from cars to comics, technology to […]

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Firefox Tip – Open a Search in a New Tab

I saw this tip on a Tekzilla video podcast and thought it was good enough to warrant a small writeup. I have always been annoyed that when I use the Seach field in the upper-right corner of FIrefox, that it takes over the page that I am currently on to show the search results. Well, […]


Amazon Kindle – From Joy to Sadness…and Back Again

As promised, here is my first writeup on the newly arrived Amazon Kindle wireless reading device. Well, it was going to be a writeup about its performance, functionality, etc. Unfortunately, less than a week after it arrived, it went kaput. I eagerly anticipated the arrival of my Kindle. I had done exhaustive research on the […]


What I Think About: Texas Division for Blind Services

For those who haven’t picked it up yet by reading his blog posts here, my son and co-worker Aaron is legally blind. He has had eye difficulties most of his life, and many surgeries. In December 2006 he finally lost all sight in one eye due to a choroidal detachment (search Google for info). Sight […]

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