What I Think About: Amazon.com Ratings System

In my recent research on Amazon.com about the Amazon Kindle, I came across something that really bothered me. Amazon has a great system for researching products that you are interested in buying. The site encourages people to rate and review the products that they buy and these are generally very helpful. Unfortunately, you are not […]

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The XO Computer: Using It

A search of Google reveals that many have an opinion about the XO. Unfortunately most of those with opinions seems to offer no alternative solution to bringing computers into the educational environment of Third World nations. My favorite positive commentary on the XO’s role is found on www.xconomy.com, entitled, “The XO Laptop: Its the Software, […]


Hands On with the “One Laptop Per Child” XO Computer

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project was first publicly announced in 2005. Its stated goal was to create a laptop style computer designed specifically for use by school children in the Third World. It was often labeled the “$100 Laptop” because of the proposal by one of the chief architects of the project, Nicholas […]

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NetNewsWire – Free RSS Reader for the Mac

As fans of most things free, reports of a previously commercial product going the “free” route really gets our attention. NetNewsWire is one of the applications made free recently by NewsGator. It is an offline RSS reader made for the Mac. We love our Netvibes around here but sometimes, we need our RSS feeds to […]

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Podcasts: Some of Aaron’s Favorites

That’s a hard list to follow, but I am going to try my best. I too highly enjoy the TWIT.TV podcasts. They are very well done and are highly entertaining. In addition to ones that RIchard mentioned, I recommend Net@Night, which covers web video and trends and Jumping Monkeys, which is a parenting and technology […]

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