Podcasts: Some of Richard’s Favorites

Every weekend, I travel to another city for church ministry. I have 2.5+ hours each way of driving. I usually listen to some of my favorite podcasts. Since my two vocations and passions are church ministry and computer technology, naturally those are the podcasts I seek out. Here are a few of my current favorites:

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Podcasts: Ways to Listen

Podcasts are audio broadcasts available for download off the internet we talked about yesterday. Now look at a few ways you can listen to these broadcasts. First, we need to realize that podcasts are really only audio files in MP3 format. Listen on your computer: Many websites allow you to click on an icon of […]

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Podcasts: A New Way to Learn

All geeks and many other computer using humans have heard of podcasts and podcasting by now. You can read the technical details by going to Wikipedia. Here is my short take on the subject. A podcast is like a radio talk show without a radio being involved. Each is an audio recording made available for […]

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News & Links Roundup: 3/26/08

A great article about the music industry and Wal-Mart. Apparently  Wal-Mart’s buying power is forcing the music industry to rethink its pricing policy, much to their chagrin. Does anyone feel sorry for them? Lifehacker has a good walk through article on how to backup your DVD collection to your computer. My dream machine, a Mac […]

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How to Add Cut/Paste to Firefox

As an avid user of the Firefox web browser, I have many things that I like and a few things that I do not. One of the things that I do not like is the limitation on cut and paste functionality. For those who do not know, when you try to cut text say from […]

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News & Links Roundup: 3/20/08

Some cool stuff today. As a legally blind person who has struggled with eye problems my entire life and a science fiction fan, I have always held out hope that technology would advance to the point where they could literally replace your eye with a “bionic eye.” Well, apparently they are getting close according to […]

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News & Links Roundup: 3/17/08

Ostatic.com has an interesting post about some open-source tools for web analytics and web advertising that I had never heard of. A nice selection of links to desktop wallpaper repositories can be found at reencoded.com. Ten sites for wonderful things, a fun list by ReadWriteWeb.com.

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Change Tempo in Audacity

Audacity offers many great tools for editing audio files. We use Audacity, which is a free and open-source tool, over a number of other apps that we paid good money for. One of the major things that we use it for is to convert audio cassettes onto CDs. Unfortunately, a 90-minute tape will not fit […]


News & Links Roundup: 3/13/08

Some really useful sites that I certainly didn’t know about like How Stuff Works, How to Clean Anything and paperbackswap.com (free books). 30+ Useful Sites That You Probably Don’t Know About Some fantastic looking icon sets for use with your graphics projects, web sites, etc. from Smashing Magazine. Here’s a walk through on how to […]

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News & Links Roundup: 3/11/2008

This is the first of what may become a regular segment here on the site, News & Links Roundup. This is where we will put stuff that we find in our web travels that are interesting. Sometimes funny, sometimes informational but always interesting, at least to us. Enjoy. Here is a great list of Firefox […]

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Great Firefox Extensions – Download Statusbar

This is a dead simple extension that specializes in fixing one of the most annoying things about Firefox, the Download window. I have always hated that the Download window opens automatically when a download is initiated. If I open a number of downloads at once, the window will open to the background and I have […]

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One-A-Day Free or Cheap Stuff

As we surf around the Net, we discover lots of stuff for free. Now, some of it may not be to our liking, or not our idea of even useful. However, there are a few sites we catch ourselves going back to time and again. Some of these sites feature one free software title each […]

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Make Image Editing a Picnik

As you know, we are all about finding free, or at least inexpensive, software to do all the things that we do. There are a number of great free solutions for image editing, including Irfanview, Paint.NET and the GIMP. However, all of these solutions require you to install software and work on the files locally […]

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