Application Launchers – What Are They?

Application launchers or keyboard launchers are becoming more and more popular. But what are they? In a nutshell, their purpose is to launch applications, files or other items right from your keyboard. They are small applications that generally launch at system startup and run in the background of your system. They are then activated by […]

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Bean – Free Word Processor for Mac

It seems as if we are on a Mac kick lately with all of the recent Mac posts, so here is another one. While working on my company website, I felt like a needed a simple word processor for creating my text content. On my iMac, I have Microsoft Word (too big and bloated for […]


Great Firefox Extensions – DownThemAll

The Firefox extension DownThemAll, gives you an easy way to download all the downloadable content on a page, including images, links and videos. This is especially a great tool for downloading YouTube videos to your local machine. It has extensive filtering features and even includes a download accelerator that helps speed up downloads of large […]

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Linux RSS Feed Reader – Liferea

If you read our previous article on Netvibes, you know that we are fans of RSS readers. One limitation of Netvibes, Google Reader and other online only RSS readers is that it is not so easy to read your feeds if you are not connected to the Internet and using a web browser. They also […]

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Great Free Mac Software List – MacApper

Since I’m in the mood to write about Mac software after my recent post on MacHeist, here is a great list of free software for the Mac by one of our Sites We Like, MacApper. On this list are a number of our favorites, including Audacity, Handbrake and Transmission. We’ve written about some of these […]

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Great Mac Software Bundle – MacHeist II

We use about ten different computers on a regular basis down here, deep in the heart of Texas. Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are all well represented and on all of them, we like to find and use great software. By far, the Mac has been the most difficult to find free or low-cost […]

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ImgBurn – Lightweight & Free Image Burner

I come across disc image files all the time. What are disc image file you say? Great question. An image file is a group of files, applications and other data designed to be placed on a single CD or DVD which are collected into a single ISO file. Disc images typically are files with the […]

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Download YouTube Videos, Update

Back in May, 2007 we wrote a series of articles on downloading video from various websites like YouTube. For downloading YouTube videos we recommended That website is no longer active (I suspect YouTube’s lawyers sent out a “cease and desist letter” because of their name). The site to try now is which is […]

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