Lose Weight Fast with Foxit Reader

Like a lot of Americans, I am on a continuing quest to rid myself of excess weight. While its not easy to keep my body weight where I might want it (darn you, chocolate chip cookies!), keeping the bloat down on my PC is much easier thanks to tools like Foxit Reader. PDF files are […]

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Cassettes to Sound Files with a Plusdeck 2C

In our day jobs, Aaron and I both work a lot with cassette and video tapes of classes and messages recorded in our school going back as far as the early 1970′s. Thousands of these video and audio tapes still need to be transferred to DVD or CD (which is part of our jobs). Today […]


What I Think About…the iPhone

I am a Mac user. I have 2 desktop Macs (a Quicksilver G4 and a 20 inch iMac) and I thoroughly enjoy using them. Apple has a knack for making great machines running great software.That being said, as a Mac user and a lover of most things Apple, I am sick of the iPhone hype […]

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