ReplayTV – Still an Alternative to TIVO

ReplayTV was a digital video recording (DVR) box attached between your antenna/cable box/satellite and your television for recording and playing back TV programming. Today most folks either use the TiVO DVR, or else the DVR that is supplied by their satellite or cable company. All work essentially the same way. Instead of tape (ala VCRs) […]


Beautiful Vista Fonts on Windows XP

I am officially tired of Windows Vista. I have installed it on three different machines, including my laptop and have gone back to Windows XP each time. Its only selling point, in my opinion, is that it is pretty, with nice eye candy all over the place and great system fonts. In fact, when I […]

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Sites We Like – GiveAwayoftheDay

Most of us like free stuff, especially free things that we might otherwise have to pay $15 to $50 for. The Give Away of the Day website does just that. Each day an otherwise commercial program is made available for 24 hours for free download and installation. Now, if you are expecting Microsoft Word or […]

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Sites We Like – Digg

As I am a bit of a technology geek (okay, more than just a little), I enjoy reading news about stuff that is happening in the world of technology. To scratch this itch, I subscribe to the Digg Technology RSS feed. For those who don’t know, Digg is a news site that relies on its […]

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Transmission – Get Your Mac Torrents in Gear

In a previous article, we covered BitTorrent and the free and open source uTorrent for the Windows platform. It is a great BitTorrent client but it is limited to the Windows platform. When you need to utilize BitTorrent on the Mac, Transmission is the perfect choice. Transmission is a small, fast client that is pretty […]

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$10 DSL from AT&T!

If you are accessing this website, you probably are already using high speed internet access, whether DSL or cable. But, I’m pretty sure that, just like me, you are paying more than $10 per month for your access. Also, like me, you may not be interested in changing just to save $5 or $10 per […]

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Send Large Files Free with YouSendIt Lite

At work we occasionally need to deliver large graphics files (5-50 megabytes in size) to a printing company or a representative of ours in another nation. One recent example was a fully formatted book in Arabic which was to be printed in Egypt. Being 43 megs in size, we couldn’t attach it to an e-mail. […]

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