Pidgin – Instant Messaging Without Limitations

Instant Messaging (IM) is not just for kids. I used it a lot in my former life when working for a large corporation. It helped me to stay connected and informed with contacts and clients in a wide geographic area. Now that I am working for myself, I still use it to send quick messages […]

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Windows Live Writer – Offline Blogging is a site built on a Content Management System (CMS) called WordPress. WordPress is great for running blogging sites and is easily adapted to other types of sites. However, one of the limitations of WordPress is that you have to be online to add content and the built-in editor is also a little lacking […]

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Irfanview – Handy Graphics Toolkit

We work a lot with graphics around these parts. Whether creating art for video projects or simply putting up photos of the kids on our family site, we need tools that work well for us. Usually, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements for my photo work as it has a ton of tools for enhancing images. […]

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CD & DVD Data Recovery with IsoBuster

I love Google! It’s massive internet search ability makes it possible to find solutions to computer problems I often face. Here is today’s example. We received 6 DVDs from a well-known Christian author and teacher in the mail. Today when we put the disks into our DVD player… nothing! Disks 2 through 6… nothing! What […]


The Perfect Kid Computer – The iMac

I am pretty sure that I qualify as a computer nerd. I was raised to love computers by my dad and I make my living using them. So it makes sense to me that as my little girl gets older, that she should get to use a computer too. However, as she is only 3, […]


An Essential Non-Computer Item: Goo Gone!

Goo Gone? What is that? Have you ever tried to remove a sticky label or its remains from a computer case, laptop cover or any other surface? I discovered years ago that Goo Gone does this job quickly and easily. Goo Gone is a citrus oil based liquid that is applied directly to the label […]

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