Max – Free Audio Converter for the Mac

In my day job, I do extensive work with audio and video in a variety of formats. I am often looking for tools that will allow me to do things quickly and easily to improve my efficiency. One of these tasks is format conversion. When using the PC, I simply use Switch, which we have […]

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Help in Removing Spyware & Trojan Horses

It happened this weekend. I visited a website for the first time and clicked on a link. Suddenly a window pops up saying I have viruses on my computer which I can remove by clicking on the OK button. However, this is not a notice from my AVG anti-virus program, but something coming from this […]


The Search for the Perfect Word Processor

I am always on the lookout for great new software. It’s not that the old software that I was using is bad, I just like new, shiny things. I’ve never been completely satisfied with my current stable of word processors. You know, those big, clumsy, slow-loading programs for typing stuff that everyone has to have? […]

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Great Firefox Extensions – NoSquint

We are continuing our look at great add-ons for the Mozilla Firefox browser. I am a legally blind computer user and when navigating the Internet, I often encounter web sites that are hard for me to read. The type is way too tiny and I end up having to use the Increase command in the […]

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We Are Changing Our Look!

Repeat visitors to our site will immediately notice we are experimenting with a new layout and design. Details: is created entirely with a wonderful free web publishing tool called WordPress. This software allows for easy changes to the entire look of a website simply by choosing a new theme (or skin). All the substance […]

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Bring Out Your Child’s Artistic Side – Tux Paint

I have a 3-year old daughter who is unusually bright, curious and independent (I may be a little biased). I often come into my office and find her trying to do things on my computer just like Daddy does. Unfortunately, I end up having to close about a dozen applications that she has launched in […]

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Great Firefox Extensions – Screengrab!

One of the best features of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser is its extensibility. There are loads of extensions, themes and plugins that have been created to make Firefox prettier and more useful to use. This is the first of a series of posts that we will do on our favorite Firefox extensions. Screengrab! is a […]

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The “Blue Screen of Death” in Windows

Microsoft Windows users have all encountered the “Blue Screen of Death” from time to time. Usually, restarting the computer eliminates the problem. However, there are times when there is actually a software or hardware problem which will cause the problem to keep repeating until the cause is taken care of. While this article is not […]

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Peel – Mac MP3 Blog Reader and Player

There is a new Mac OS X only application that acts like an iTunes for MP3 blogs. It is called Peel and it is very cool. I suppose the first question we should answer is, “What is an MP3 blog?” According to the Peel website, “They are also known as musicblogs or audioblogs and have […]

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