CyberDuck – Free FTP on the Mac

We love great, free software around here and great, free software on the Mac is even better. As we work with a number of websites on a regular basis, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software is an essential tool in our toolbox. CyberDuck is our tool of choice when needing FTP on the Mac. According […]

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Capture Internet Streaming Video, Part #3

Have you visited Apple’s great Movie Trailers website yet? Seen a movie trailer (preview) at the theater or on television, but would like to see it again? Heard there’s a new movie soon to be released but you’ve seen nothing about it? Go to and enjoy several hundred movie trailers. Several different trailers per […]

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DeepBurner Free – Great CD/DVD Burning App

Over the last several years, I have noticed that software seems to keep getting bigger and slower for even simple tasks. CD and DVD burning is one such simple task that software vendors can’t seem to keep simple. Programs like Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 now requires 1 gigabyte of free hard drive space to […]

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Where to Buy Printable DVD Media

Part of our jobs at the Extension School department of Sunset International Bible Institute involves duplicating significant quantities of DVDs to fulfill orders for our video-based Bible courses. In a typical month we will print and record on 600-800 DVDs; in 2006 we used more than 10,000 blank DVD disks. Since these are spread over […]

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Help With Your Color Conundrum – ColorSchemer

As an occasional designer of print and web projects, I often find myself struggling to find just the right color. is a big help in that area. On the site, you can find color schemes that have been created using their for purchase Color Schemer Studio. In searching the Scheme Gallery, you will find […]

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Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Inc. said. . .

Steve Jobs is co-founder and now CEO of Apple, Inc., one of the world’s most successful computer and technology companies. You can read more about him on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. In June, 2005 he delivered the commencement address at Stanford University. Its text is still posted on the university’s website. I believe it is […]

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BitTorrent – What is it?

In your travels around the Internet, you may have come across something called BitTorrent and wondered what it was. There are a number of highly technical answers to that question but we try to keep things simple around here. BitTorrent is essentially a Peer-2-Peer (P2P) network that is used for transferring data files between computers. […]

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Audacity Tutorial #4 – Truncate Silence

There are a lot of times when working with audio that you may wish to shorten the final product in a way that does not change how the audio sounds. I often transfer audio from a 90-minute cassette and need to get it to fit on an 80-minute CD. In other cases, I want to […]


Google Calendar – Get Organized for Free

Right off the bat, I have to admit that I am not what you could call “organized.” I do my taxes late, often forget doctor’s appointments and sometimes I even forget birthdays of those I love (sorry, Mom). Most of that changed a couple of months ago when I finally decided that enough was enough. […]


Create & Manipulate PDF Files

P – D – F (Portable Document Format)- a kind of document made popular by Adobe Software and their Acrobat and Acrobat Reader programs. Need to send a document to someone by e-mail? Don’t know if they have the same word processing, spreadsheet, or other program that you do? Turn your document into a PDF […]

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e-Sword Free Bible Software

I have seen them all. I have owned most of them. . . QuickVerse, Logos, PC Study Bible, MacBible, eBible, iLumina. . . and the list goes on. I am talking about Bible software, and I go all the way back to the days of DOS for my first purchases. All the packages available today […]


Capture Internet Streaming Video, Part #2

YouTube! For those who are addicted to watching the amateur videos posted on, saving copies onto their own computers would be a welcome thing. Here’s how.First, for the uninitiated, a little background. It’s estimated that an average of 65,000 new video clips are uploaded to YouTube each day. Over 1,000,000 clips are viewed daily.

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Office Alternative for Free –

If you are like us, you probably don’t have the money to spend $200-$500 on a set of office applications just to write a letter or create a spreadsheet. For people like us, there is While a bit of a cumbersome name, their software is anything but. is a free, open-source project that […]

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Backup Your DVDs on the Mac – Mac the Ripper

If you have small children, like I do, then owning a DVD player can be a real sanity saver. However, once your kids learn how to open DVD cases and take out those precious discs, scratches, smudges and breakage are sure to follow. That is why I try to create a backup copy of each […]


Audacity Tutorial #3 – Stereo to Mono

I often work with audio that is spoken word rather than music. I always capture this audio in stereo (2 channels) as one channel is often louder than the other. However, I want my finished product to be in mono (1 channel) because the file size is roughly half that of a stereo file and […]