The Freesound Project

As a video and audio editor, there are many times where it would be great to have just the right sound to fill in that awkward silence or to make just that right impression for a client. The Freesound Project is an online database of free user-submitted sound files in a variety of formats. I […]

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What The Font?

As fellas that have spent years dabbling in graphic design, both in print and on the web, we often run across fonts that we just don’t recognize. We may be asked to replicate a logo design or we may just really like how a certain font looks that we saw in a magazine. Rather than […]

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AlternativeTo Helps You to Find New Apps

Using new applications is part of what makes computers fun. However, finding good, new software to solve everyday problems is not always easy. That’s where a website called AlternativeTo comes into play. The purpose of the site is to help users to find low cost, free or open source alternatives to popular and expensive programs […]

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Live Search Maps – A Google Earth Alternative

Google Earth is the king of online virtual mapping. If you want to see what almost any area of the Earth looks like from above, it is the default choice. However, Microsoft has an alternative, and its pretty awesome in its own right. It is called Live Search Maps and it allows you to view […]

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WordPress is a very popular, powerful and free blogging platform and content management system (CMS). We here at the home office run almost all of our web sites using it and we highly recommend it to anyone who asks for website advice. WordPress is great for family sites, eCommerce sites, business sites and just about […]

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TokBox – Great, Free Video Calling

A phone call is so twentieth century. If you want to come into the twenty-first century, you need to take advantage of your broadband Internet connection and your webcam and begin video calling. Services like Skype and instant messaging clients such as AIM, Yahoo and MSN Messenger have been offering video calling or chatting over […]


What is Twitter?

It seems that new services and sites rise up daily on the Internet to fill people’s need to be “social.” There is MySpace and Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr, blogs and micro-blogging platforms. All of these sites seek to allow people to interact with other people in some shape or fashion. One such site/service that has […]

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Send Large Files with

We recently returned from a family reunion – perhaps the first in our family in half a century. Several of us took lots of photos of family we had not seen in a long time, if ever. Now it was time to “trade” pictures. In the old days, everybody would spend a fortune getting prints […]

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The Best Free Software on One Disc – The Open Disc

Being huge advocates of free and open source software, we like to find new ways to share this great software with others. One way to do that is to hand them a CD-ROM that is full of some of the top software packages around, all of which are free. Previously mentioned Software for Starving Students […]

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Google Pack – Free Software Is Not Evil

Google seems to have its fingers in just about everything these days. The kings of search have been offering free software for download for sometime under the moniker, Google Pack. This is software specifically selected by Google which they state will always be free and includes only full versions of the software included. Google Pack […]

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AVG Free 8 – Now With Anti-Spyware

We previously highlighted AVG Antivirus when it was in version 7. We really liked it then for its performance, regular updates and for the fact that it was free. It has continued to improve and has now been released in version 8. This version is now officially Vista and XP compatible and has added anti-spyware […]


Convert & Download YouTube Videos with Mux

As a fella who uses the Internet a lot, I occasionally come across embedded videos that I really like and would like to download to look at later. Sites such as YouTube have revolutionized video in general and there are a number of ways to get these videos onto your PC. However, none is as […]

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NetNewsWire – Free RSS Reader for the Mac

As fans of most things free, reports of a previously commercial product going the “free” route really gets our attention. NetNewsWire is one of the applications made free recently by NewsGator. It is an offline RSS reader made for the Mac. We love our Netvibes around here but sometimes, we need our RSS feeds to […]

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One-A-Day Free or Cheap Stuff

As we surf around the Net, we discover lots of stuff for free. Now, some of it may not be to our liking, or not our idea of even useful. However, there are a few sites we catch ourselves going back to time and again. Some of these sites feature one free software title each […]

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Make Image Editing a Picnik

As you know, we are all about finding free, or at least inexpensive, software to do all the things that we do. There are a number of great free solutions for image editing, including Irfanview, Paint.NET and the GIMP. However, all of these solutions require you to install software and work on the files locally […]

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