Is Linux Ready for Primetime?

In a word, no. Not yet anyway. I have been playing with desktop versions of Linux for several years now and have really enjoyed watching this operating system grow. Several of the distributions have even begun showing up on mainstream PCs, coming pre-installed by major manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo. They are becoming more polished […]

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Microsoft Windows 7: First Impressions

That’s right! Microsoft has a replacement for its much maligned Windows Vista. The retail version of Windows 7, as it is presently called, is not yet available. But indications are that it will be officially released in the October 2009 time frame. In preparation for its release, Microsoft has been making “Beta” (unfinished) versions available. […]

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What I Think About…the Apple iPod Touch

About 3 months ago, I got my first iPod. I know, I know, its about time. I have always been a bit of a contrarian when it comes to my technology and I avoided the iPod because EVERYONE had an iPod. However, we found a 1st-generation iPod Touch 8GB at a local pawn shop for […]


What I Think About…"Business" High Speed Internet

As mentioned a few posts ago, we have moved into our new world headquarters. As part of that process, we had to get high-speed Internet access for the office. We looked around at our options and settled on what was advertised as “blazing fast” fiber optic from a local company called NTS Communications. This company […]


The “Problem” with Linux

I totally agree with Aaron in his recent posts about Ubuntu 8.04 and how polished and useable it is. But I have been thinking about the roadblocks and hurdles which this operating system still must overcome. First, of course, we acknowledge the positives: FREE! Most versions of Linux are free anyone to download and use. […]

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What I Think About: Texas Division for Blind Services

For those who haven’t picked it up yet by reading his blog posts here, my son and co-worker Aaron is legally blind. He has had eye difficulties most of his life, and many surgeries. In December 2006 he finally lost all sight in one eye due to a choroidal detachment (search Google for info). Sight […]

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What I Think About: Ratings System

In my recent research on about the Amazon Kindle, I came across something that really bothered me. Amazon has a great system for researching products that you are interested in buying. The site encourages people to rate and review the products that they buy and these are generally very helpful. Unfortunately, you are not […]

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What I Think About…the iPhone

I am a Mac user. I have 2 desktop Macs (a Quicksilver G4 and a 20 inch iMac) and I thoroughly enjoy using them. Apple has a knack for making great machines running great software.That being said, as a Mac user and a lover of most things Apple, I am sick of the iPhone hype […]

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