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Great, attractive fonts are awesome. A well chosen font can make a huge difference in how your message is expressed. Unfortunately, big name fonts can be expensive, very expensive. For a small business owner who dabbles in graphic design, these fonts just are not an option. To that end, we are always on the lookout […]

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40 Excellent Free Handwritten Fonts

We are always on the lookout for really nice looking fonts, especially those that are free. Whether for print or web design, you can never have too many fonts. Well, perhaps 2,348 different fonts maybe a little much but I digress. The other day, I stumbled across this post on and was stunned by […]


What The Font?

As fellas that have spent years dabbling in graphic design, both in print and on the web, we often run across fonts that we just don’t recognize. We may be asked to replicate a logo design or we may just really like how a certain font looks that we saw in a magazine. Rather than […]

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WordPress is a very popular, powerful and free blogging platform and content management system (CMS). We here at the home office run almost all of our web sites using it and we highly recommend it to anyone who asks for website advice. WordPress is great for family sites, eCommerce sites, business sites and just about […]

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TokBox – Great, Free Video Calling

A phone call is so twentieth century. If you want to come into the twenty-first century, you need to take advantage of your broadband Internet connection and your webcam and begin video calling. Services like Skype and instant messaging clients such as AIM, Yahoo and MSN Messenger have been offering video calling or chatting over […]


Fantastic Free Photos –

As a wanna-be designer, I often have a need for that perfect photo. Unfortunately, I don’t have a budget that would allow for buying stock photography. That is why sites like are so important to my work flow.They have a library of a few thousand photos from their in-house photographers along with thousands of […]

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MS Windows Built-in Screen Capture

Here is one of my most used Windows secrets. Often I need a “screen capture” – a picture of what is on some part (or all) my computer screen. Now there are several popular commercial programs (SnagIt, HyperSnap), as well as shareware and free software that will do this. But for something quick and easy […]

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Beautiful Vista Fonts on Windows XP

I am officially tired of Windows Vista. I have installed it on three different machines, including my laptop and have gone back to Windows XP each time. Its only selling point, in my opinion, is that it is pretty, with nice eye candy all over the place and great system fonts. In fact, when I […]

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Irfanview – Handy Graphics Toolkit

We work a lot with graphics around these parts. Whether creating art for video projects or simply putting up photos of the kids on our family site, we need tools that work well for us. Usually, I use Adobe Photoshop Elements for my photo work as it has a ton of tools for enhancing images. […]

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Bring Out Your Child’s Artistic Side – Tux Paint

I have a 3-year old daughter who is unusually bright, curious and independent (I may be a little biased). I often come into my office and find her trying to do things on my computer just like Daddy does. Unfortunately, I end up having to close about a dozen applications that she has launched in […]

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Help With Your Color Conundrum – ColorSchemer

As an occasional designer of print and web projects, I often find myself struggling to find just the right color. is a big help in that area. On the site, you can find color schemes that have been created using their for purchase Color Schemer Studio. In searching the Scheme Gallery, you will find […]

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Beautiful Photographs Free as Wallpaper

Are you stilling using that dull blue background on your computer desktop? Does your desktop still advertise Dell, IBM, Compaq or whoever manufactured your computer and put their own “wallpaper” (background) as default? Here is the perfect opportunity to get some great photographs being given away free to use as backgrounds for your computer desktop.

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“Free & Easy Font Viewer” Says It All

I had recorded some Max & Ruby TV shows for my granddaughter and burned them onto DVD (subject of a future article). To make a label for the disk I needed a font which looked much like the one used on the television show’s opening title. Unfortunately, my disk label software did not show me […]

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Match that color with Pixie

LITTLE UTILITIES I LIKE Working both with websites and with print publications, I often need to match a previously used color precisely. Say, for example, I open a brochure file created 6 months ago. The previous graphic designer (or me) used a graphic created in Photoshop or Illustrator. The graphic has a color in it […]

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Feed Your Font Addiction

If you are like me, you can’t seem to have enough fonts at your fingertips. Every time you work on a new design project, absolutely none of your current fonts will work. So off you go, scouring your clipart and font CDs and the Internet, hoping to find that perfect font. In keeping with our […]

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