Is Linux Ready for Primetime?

In a word, no. Not yet anyway. I have been playing with desktop versions of Linux for several years now and have really enjoyed watching this operating system grow. Several of the distributions have even begun showing up on mainstream PCs, coming pre-installed by major manufacturers like Dell and Lenovo. They are becoming more polished […]

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New Version of Firefox Released

Just a quick post letting you know that version 3.5 of our favorite web browser has gone final and has been released to the public. You can get the update by going here or by navigating to the Help menu within Firefox and clicking on “Check for Updates.” It will find an update and allow […]

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AlternativeTo Helps You to Find New Apps

Using new applications is part of what makes computers fun. However, finding good, new software to solve everyday problems is not always easy. That’s where a website called AlternativeTo comes into play. The purpose of the site is to help users to find low cost, free or open source alternatives to popular and expensive programs […]

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The Best Free Software of 2009 – by PC Magazine

We here at the home office love free software. Just one look at the myriad of posts on the site will tell you that. However, it isn’t always easy to find great new software that is also free. To this end, we love sites that publish lists of “best free software” as it allows us […]

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New Version of Audacity Released

One of my most indispensable applications is Audacity, the free and open source audio editor. I use it practically every single day and it has replaced a number of other applications that were purchased for hundreds of dollars. It is rock solid stable and runs on all of the operating systems that use, including Windows, […]

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There has been a major new release of’s fantastic and free office suite and it’s name is a boring version number, 3.0. Thankfully, the software is much more inspiring than the name. We love the software here at and use it on all of our machines. For those of you who may not […]

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The “Problem” with Linux

I totally agree with Aaron in his recent posts about Ubuntu 8.04 and how polished and useable it is. But I have been thinking about the roadblocks and hurdles which this operating system still must overcome. First, of course, we acknowledge the positives: FREE! Most versions of Linux are free anyone to download and use. […]

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Ubuntu Studio – Install and Set Up

When thinking about trying out the newest iteration of Ubuntu Studio, I went looking for reviews and other info on the Internet. In doing so, I came across this tremendous walkthrough on how to set up the “The Perfect Desktop.” It covers everything including where to download the disk image of Ubuntu Studio, how to […]

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Best. Linux Distro. Ever? Ubuntu Studio 8.04

We’ve covered Linux a little bit here before. We love to use Linux because it is free, open source, fast, stable and did I mention, free? In fact, I’ve covered Ubuntu Studio before here on this very site. I loved that earlier iteration (7.10) but I love the newest one even more. This version, based […]


The XO Computer: Using It

A search of Google reveals that many have an opinion about the XO. Unfortunately most of those with opinions seems to offer no alternative solution to bringing computers into the educational environment of Third World nations. My favorite positive commentary on the XO’s role is found on, entitled, “The XO Laptop: Its the Software, […]


Hands On with the “One Laptop Per Child” XO Computer

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project was first publicly announced in 2005. Its stated goal was to create a laptop style computer designed specifically for use by school children in the Third World. It was often labeled the “$100 Laptop” because of the proposal by one of the chief architects of the project, Nicholas […]

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Application Launchers – What Are They?

Application launchers or keyboard launchers are becoming more and more popular. But what are they? In a nutshell, their purpose is to launch applications, files or other items right from your keyboard. They are small applications that generally launch at system startup and run in the background of your system. They are then activated by […]

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Linux RSS Feed Reader – Liferea

If you read our previous article on Netvibes, you know that we are fans of RSS readers. One limitation of Netvibes, Google Reader and other online only RSS readers is that it is not so easy to read your feeds if you are not connected to the Internet and using a web browser. They also […]

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Try Something New – Ubuntu Studio 7.10

We like to try new things around these parts. New software, new hardware, new computers, and even new operating systems. We don’t like to limit ourselves to just WIndows and Mac OS X, although those two are what we use and write about most. As certified geeks, we like to try out different flavors of […]


Bring Out Your Child’s Artistic Side – Tux Paint

I have a 3-year old daughter who is unusually bright, curious and independent (I may be a little biased). I often come into my office and find her trying to do things on my computer just like Daddy does. Unfortunately, I end up having to close about a dozen applications that she has launched in […]

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